Winter 2023-24 Sports Performance Training


Sports Performance Training


  • Session times and age groups WILL change based on sign-ups. We will do our best to accommodate you, but please understand that our offered times will fluctuate based on what age groups, genders, and sports sign up.
  • Groups with less than four athletes will be canceled. Athletes will be asked to move to a different time.
  • Middle school athletes: If they are in 8th grade, consider the High School/Middle School time. If they are entering 6th/7th grade, please consider the Middle/Elementary times.
  • Make-up sessions can be done on opposite days and every Friday. Example: Monday can be made up on Tuesday (and vice versa). Wednesday can be made up on Thursday (and vice versa).
  • Elementary school athletes include those entering 4th grade – no younger! For athletes entering 3rd grade or below, contact us to learn about semi-private training.
  • All programs are 75 minutes each, which includes 35 minutes of speed/agility and 40 minutes of age-appropriate strength training.
  • Athletes will train like athletes by sprinting, jumping, throwing, and lifting each session.
  • Groups are capped at 12 athletes per time slot (unless there is a team reservation).
  • Free make-ups will be every Friday throughout the program.
    • High/Middle School – 4pm
    • Middle/Elementary School – 5pm
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Days per week

1, 2, 3


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


MW 7pm- High/Middle, TTH 4pm- High/Middle, TTH 7pm- High/Middle